EEG Chamber



EEG Shielded Room

To perform an Electoencephalogram (EEG) test without the risk of interference and ambient background noise, shielding is required. This helps protect the highly sensitive test equipment inside the room from external interference. It also provides a stable and repeatable testing environment. Our EEG testing room can be installed in any medical facility or university. They are constructed with a high magnetic permeability shield for optimal performance. Each chamber is fitted with lighting, air conditioning, and EMI filtered cabling. Soundproofing is also available if necessary.


  • ECG mains frequency field limits: 400nT p-p or 4mG p-p
  • EEG mains frequency field limits: 200nT p-p or 2mG p-p
  • Typical External Dimensions: 2.5m (L) x 2m (W) x 2.3m (H)*
  • Typical Internal Dimensions: 2.4m (L) x 1.9m (W) x 2.2m (H)
  • Shielded Pedestrian Door: 1m (W) x 2m (H)
  • Floor Loading: 250Kg/M²
  • Power Distribution: 4 x 230V AC DSSO Sockets.


  • Prevents ambient background noise from affecting sensitive measurements
  • Protects highly sensitive test equipment inside the room from external interference
  • Perform Electroencephalogram (EEG) tests without the risk of interference
  • Provides a stable and repeatable testing environment


  • RF power line filters
  • Internal electrical distribution
  • RF signal filters
  • Honeycomb waveguide air vents
  • Bulkhead connector panels
  • Waveguide pipe penetrations
  • Custom frequency ranges
  • Audio communication
  • Power
  • Custom interior finishing
  • Acoustics damping
  • LED ambient lighting
  • TEMPEST shielding
  • Air conditioning
  • Test benches
  • Turntable
  • Fire detection
  • RF vestibules


  • Shielded door
  • Access ramp
  • Dimmable fibre optic lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Soundproofing
  • Anti-vibration floor mounts
  • High magnetic permeability passive shield
  • Power and data outlets
  • Waveguides and EMI filters for data and equipment cabling

Alarm Light

Honeycomb Vent

Shielded Door

Keypad Entry

Power Filter

Modular Wall Panel

External Power Supply

Data Filters

Faraday CHAMBER Series

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