MRI Chamber



MRI Shielded Room

In an MRI room, it is important to prevent noise of radio frequency from entering the MRI scanner. This can distort the image. RF shielding, in the form of copper, steel, and aluminum can be used to reduce this frequency. Our MRI Shielded Rooms were designed for this purpose. The walls have a layer of RF shielding in between the inner and outer layer. Our custom-made windows and doors also provide shielding to meet MRI attenuation requirements. The rooms are fitted with electric lights and air conditioning, and are aesthetically enhanced for a medical environment.


  • Door shielding strength: 100 dB at 300 MHz


  • Triple panel wall system
  • Panels have a wood center with galvanized steel laminated to both sides
  • Flooring includes subfloor, RF shielding layer, a protective layer, and finishing material
  • Multiple shielded door system options
  • RF shielded window


  • Prevents radio frequency from distorting the image of the MRI scanner
  • Provides both radio frequency shielding as well as magnetic field shielding
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Designed to coordinate with a medical environment

Alarm Light

Shielded Door

Shielded Window

Honeycomb Vent

Power Filter

Data Filters

Exterior Power Supply

Modular Wall Panels


  • RF power line filters
  • Internal electrical distribution
  • RF signal filters
  • Honeycomb waveguide air vents
  • Bulkhead connector panels
  • Waveguide pipe penetrations
  • Custom frequency ranges
  • Audio communication
  • Power
  • Custom interior finishing
  • Acoustics damping
  • LED ambient lighting
  • TEMPEST shielding
  • Air conditioning
  • Test benches
  • Turntable
  • Fire detection
  • RF vestibules

Faraday CHAMBER Series

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