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Faraday Defense T-Shirt

This soft and lightweight Faraday Defense logo t-shirt is made for a unisex fit.
  • Printed on a very comfortable American Apparel shirt
  • Features an American Flag on the right shoulder sleeve
  • Material: 100% Cotton
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DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit + FREE Key Fob Bag (Black Friday Deal)

Original price was: $679.99.Current price is: $579.99.
The DEFCON Vehicle is an ultra-duty surge protection device specifically designed to protect a vehicle’s electronics from damaging electromagnetic energy resulting from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Constructed using state-of-the-art metal oxide varistor technology, the DEFCON Vehicle is capable of shunting away an incredible 270,000 amps of current! When combined with the lightning-fast Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (TRAP) products and high-saturation current-damping ferrites, the DEFCON Vehicle is the latest addition to the world’s first comprehensive EMP auto protection system. This device is made in the USA and constructed from the highest quality materials. Now in stock! The EMP Vehicle Protection Kit is a combination of three different vehicle protection devices. Use these on your vehicle to protect it from transients-like load changes, lightning strikes, conducted transients, and even an EMP. This bundle includes: 1 T.R.A.P., 1 T.R.A.P.-B, and 2 Vehicle Ferrites. Save money when you purchase these parts together. Parts are also sold individually.
The Key Fob JACKET provides ultimate protection against modern-day cyber threats. Safeguard your key fob from hacking, GPS tracking, RFID scanning, and unwanted Wi-Fi access with this compact and powerful Faraday pouch. The Key Fob JACKET blocks signal from being accessed and boosted, keeping your car safe while not in use. It can also be used for USBs, SSDs, and credit cards. The bag measures 4.75″ x 2.75″ and offers >85 dB attenuation (400 MHz-4 GHz). It is made with black, heavy-duty, water-resistant TPU and a tight, double-fold, magnetic closure to keep your keys safe and dry.
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Faraday Dry Bag Sling Pack - Stealth Black

The Faraday Dry Bag Sling Pack is designed for travel and storage of laptops, tablets, radios and more. These packs will keep your gear dry and secure with its watertight seal and signal blocking design. Triple layers of CYBER NC (Nickel/Copper) line the interior, with >85 dB attenuation, providing EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location blocking. Along with the interior compartment, there is a side zipper pocket on the front of the pack for holding cards and small EDC items. With dual straps, this bag is maximized for utility and easy to carry around. Available in the following sizes: 10L, 20L & 30L
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Full Spectrum EMF/RF/EMP Wave Management

Faraday Fabrics, Bags, Tents, and Chambers

At Faraday Defense, our mission is full-scale wave management. We produce a wide range of products that offer radio frequency (RF) shielding, data security, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection. These products are specifically engineered to mitigate the impact of signal-producing devices on health and security. Our series of solutions include Faraday bags, Faraday tents, CYBER® Faraday fabrics, and EMC Chambers.

Protective Solutions for Equipment and Personnel

Bags (61)

EMP Bags (22)

Textiles (51)

TENT Series (13)

Electronics (28)

DRY Series (9)

JACKET Series (13)

HARDWALL Series (3)




Faraday CHAMBER Series

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Our chambers provide a controlled environment, free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ambient RF signals entering or exiting the room. They are designed with a modular construction system for simple disassembly and transport. All chambers are equipped with acoustic protection, LED ambient lighting, and EMP protection. Our Shielded Rooms are suitable for interrogation of electronic devices, evidential proceedings, and examination rooms, with the option of TEMPEST shielding. All chambers are available in any size and can be custom designed with various materials and colors.


Faraday Bags

Faraday bags are the most affordable way to secure your devices from outside influences. Our bags protect your privacy by shielding your data from hackers and cyber attacks. Additionally, they block harmful EMF radiation coming from your devices and protect from damaging EMP attacks. Faraday Defense carries a wide range of styles and sizes to fit your needs. Our convenient double-fold Velcro closure ensures quick access to your device. All of our bags are constructed with high-quality fabric and precise stitching.


Faraday Fabrics

Faraday Defense specializes in conductive fabrics. We pride ourselves in only building the highest quality Faraday bags and Faraday tents from these fabrics.  Our electro-shielding fabrics are the best performing in the industry, making them ideal for protecting high-value and sensitive electronic parts, military equipment, and medical devices.


Faraday Tents

Faraday Tents enable maximum comprehensive security for forensic and anti-espionage operations. The tent secures an entire area so that investigators may operate in a protected field. This soft enclosure offers a high-performance alternative to hardwall metal chambers and provides >90 dB shielding effectiveness, with portable to semi-permanent design options. Every tent includes double-wall construction, double-magnetic closure, positive air ventilation, shielded power, Ethernet and LED lighting. Tents are fully customizable and suitable for commercial use. All of our tents are made in the USA.

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Faraday Defense is a U.S. based SAM certified materials company. Specializing in the design, production, and distribution of conductive textile products, we service the digital testing and security industries. We provide solutions for the isolation and protection of equipment and personnel from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), and Static Discharge.

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