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Faraday Defense offers a wide variety of Faraday bags. All of our bags are high-performing and constructed with quality materials. We want to equip you with the information necessary to find the bags best suited for your needs. Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you have.

Product Comparison

Full Featured IOT Testing Tents.

Series 500 Aluminum Tube Frame


Double Magnetic Door Seal

Aluminum IOT Filter Plate

Space for Personnel & Equipment

At Faraday Defense, we pride ourselves in the quality and effectiveness of our textiles. Our tents are constructed with layers of high-grade, signal-blocking fabric, resulting in outstanding protection and durability.

RF/EMI Shielding

Minimum signal attenuation of -85.7 dB over a range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz

Metal Plating

High-quality conductive Silver / Copper / Nickel RoHS-compliant material

Premium Construction

Crafted with double-layered durability using Faraday thread and heavy-duty seams

Heavy-duty Flooring

Fabricated with sturdy tarp flooring for conductive base protection

You Can Trust.
Our tent enclosures are designed and hand-crafted with top-quality components and materials. Each enclosure is uniquely customizable to meet our customers individual needs and then tested to ensure satisfaction. From top to bottom, every aspect of our enclosures has been engineered and lab-tested to ensure unsurpassed results.

Made in USA.

Quality manufacturing.

Durable Frames.

EZ-UP & tubular options.

Easy Operation.

Quick Clips & Magnetic Doors.

1 Year Warranty.

Manufactures Limited Warranty.

Top Selection For Customized IO Plate Filters.

Clearly Labled

Dust Caps

Machined Aluminum Housing



We offer pre-compliance testing in customizable RF test labs to cut time and costs for engineers.


Our enclosures are easy to set up and dismantle, allowing them to be used in multiple locations as needed.


Lightweight, portable design is ideal for secure communications when traveling abroad.


By shielding emissions, our high RF/EMI attenuation enclosures provide investigators with security and peace of mind.

Faraday Defense
Tent’s Best Features.
The Faraday Defense Tent allows for easy setup and break down when quick deployment and enclosure is needed.  Minimum signal attenuation of -85.7 dB over a range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz measuring through the wall at multiple locations. Faraday Defense Tents are offered in standard sizes or you can opt to have an enclosure designed and built to custom specifications

Steel Frames.

Easy pop-up style portable steal frame deploys in 5 minutes.

High Metal Content Fabric.

RF/EMI Shielded with RoHS Compliant silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric.

Magnetic Doors.

Double strips of heavy-duty flexible magnet create a tight conductive seal.

Quality Build & Components.

Designed for high-performance and durability with pre-compliance testing to ensure satisfaction.



We can collaborate with your team to design a custom enclosure to fit your requirements.

Compatible Gear For Forensics and Isolation

Keep your store room stocked with ready to to use electronic evidence collecting bags.