Does my company need a SCIF?

Find out how SCIFs extend beyond government and military applications, and how they perform an important role in the business sector as well.

A SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) is not an unusual sight in a government or military context. SCIFs secure lines of communication and protect sensitive information from spying. Because of this, SCIFs, which double as a Faraday cage, are a vital part of national security and privacy protection. The use of these enclosures extend beyond the government and military applications, and performs very important roles in the business sector as well. Your company may need a SCIF for the following reasons.


If your company is developing a new product that requires a degree of privacy or secrecy, a SCIF will allow you to have a place for secure communications. SCIFs can be outfitted with special acoustic blocking that keeps conversations from being heard outside. If the conversation is not in danger of being overheard in close proximity, the enclosure allows for conversations to go through lines without being tapped, hacked, and listened in to.


A SCIF also functions as a very important piece of testing equipment. The construction of the Faraday enclosure allows for safer testing, where signals and radiation coming from subjects can be held and measured inside the enclosure. The SCIF not only prevents radiation or signals from leaking out, but also from coming into the enclosure and interfering with the testing. Anyone outside of the SCIF is unable to access what is happening inside, and whatever is happening inside is unable to affect any operations outside of the enclosure. Because of this, these Faraday cages are popular in industries like aerospace, technology, research, telecommunications, and other types of manufacturing.

The use of a Faraday cage is not limited to the above uses and industries. If you have any questions about why a SCIF or Faraday Cage could be necessary for your company, please email us at, or call us at 1(800)748-6052.

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