What Faraday fabric do I need for my house or company?

Let us help you narrow down your options, and give you an idea of what to look for.
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Looking for the right Faraday fabric can be difficult and frustrating. There are quite a few options available, and they all have slightly different purposes. This article is meant to help you narrow down your options, and give you an idea of what to look for.


In order to narrow it down, we are going to focus on 5 common fabrics with specific textures and applications.


  • Standard Blocking Fabric (CYBER NC-I)
  • Sturdy Blocking Foil (CYBER PRO)
  • Electrical System Blocking material (CYBER-FX)
  • Elastic Blocking Fabric (CYBER-ES)
  • Anti-Microbial fabric (CYBER-CX)


Standard Blocking Fabric (CYBER NC-I)

The CYBER NC-I is the standard Nickel-Copper fabric for EM blocking. With attenuation >60db, the Nickel Copper fabric offers high quality blocking. Multiple layers will bring its blocking up to >80db attenuation. This fabric can be sewn or taped onto an application. Its fabric texture makes it ideal for soft-sided enclosures like bags, purses, and pockets. It can also be applied onto a hard sided application.


Sturdy Blocking Foil (CYBER PRO)

The CYBER PRO Barrier is a very popular material. It has the build of a sturdy foil, making construction glue a popular means of application. It can also be applied with tape, screws, nails, and rivets. Its shielding comes in at an average of 85 db attenuation. This “fabric” is the best option for applying on walls and other hard-sided applications. Though it should not be applied on an exterior surface exposed to weather, it is moisture, fungal, and corrosion resistant.


Electrical System Blocking Material (CYBER-FX)

This is the toughest material in our lineup. The CYBER-FX material is built specifically for shielding applications with electrical EMF. Electrical EMF operates at a bit lower of a frequency, making this barrier more effective. Often used for smart meters and any other object with electrical EMF, this can be applied using glue, nails, screws, and rivets.


Elastic Blocking Fabric (CYBER-ES)

Our silver fabric is a more elastic material. This fabric has its specialty in skin safety. While the other fabrics won’t immediately harm you if you touch them. Extended periods of direct contact can sometimes lead to irritation. The silver fabric does not do this. Because of that, it is the ideal material for clothing or other skin contact applications.Some professions require radiation blocking clothing, and this is the material that is used for that.


Anti-Microbial fabric (CYBER-CX)

The anti-microbial fabric is a copper fabric. Similar to our standard blocking fabric, its primary difference is that rather than a blend of nickel-copper, it’s just copper. This makes the material anti-microbial, and more important in specific health situations. Its average attenuation is >75dB in the range of 10MHz-6GHz. It does operate in a slightly lower frequency than the nickel-copper, so it may not always be quite as strong as the standard blocking fabric. It does oxidize over time, but this does not ruin its shielding and anti-microbial effectiveness.

These are the 5 primary materials. There are slight variations, like a ripstop sew for a tougher blend, but these are the main fabrics and their applications. If you still have any questions, please email us at sales@faradaydefense.com, or call us at (800) 748-6052.