What is a Faraday bag?

Find out how Faraday bags are becoming more important as our lives are more and more connected to the digital world.

We all live in a digital world. Remote access has made life much easier for us, with the ability to communicate over long distances immediately, purchase items online from wherever we are, unlock and start our vehicles remotely, and a host of other benefits. 

With new technology, however, comes new threats. Credit card theft via RFID cloning and phone hacking are becoming very common. People with remote digital access to your phone can steal your private information and constantly track you. Your car can now be accessed remotely by boosting your key FOB. This creates headaches for you and for law enforcement, who work to catch these digital criminals. This is where Faraday bags are important.

In 1836, Michael Faraday discovered how to keep electromagnetic waves from entering his Faraday cage. With almost 200 years of improvements, a Faraday bag is now a mobile faraday cage that is built for the protection of electronic devices and digital information. Faraday bags are constructed with special metallized fabrics that block RF signals and EMF from going in and out of the bag.

How Are Faraday Bags Used?

Faraday bags have many different uses and applications. Many people store extra electronics with Faraday bags in order to stay prepared for disasters like CMEs or EMPs. High-level Faraday bags are used to completely block tracking and hacking of devices like phones, laptops, and tablets. Putting your key FOB in a Faraday bag puts a stop on remote car theft as well. They also serve to reduce exposure to EMF radiation from your tech devices, which often cause health issues to certain people.

Are there Different Types of Faraday Bags?

Not all Faraday bags are the same. Faraday bags do not all have the same blocking capabilities. These bags block with what is called dB attenuation. The higher the attenuation number, the higher the level of blocking of RF signals. Different bags serve different purposes.

For example, The Faraday Defense NEST-Z bags block with >40 dB attenuation. This level allows them to block most levels of EMF radiation, and provide ample EMP protection. At the other end, the other Faraday Defense bags are built with three layers of high quality fabric that offers >85 dB attenuation. These levels block the widest range of signals (WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, 4G/5G EMF).

It is very important to use Faraday bags from trusted companies. Some companies will use fewer layers to save on product costs, but in turn lose protection from higher frequencies like 5G networks. The physical construction is also important, as many bags will fall apart easily  even from infrequent use. Lower quality fabrics also contribute to poor protection in many so-called Faraday bags.

Faraday bags serve as a powerful line of defense against digital threats. While the Military and Law Enforcement make frequent use of these, civilians and companies are starting to take advantage of these benefits also. As technology progresses over the years, Faraday bags will become even more important as our lives become even more connected to the digital world.

Summing It Up

To put it plainly, a Faraday bag is a type of bag that shields from both incoming and outgoing electromagnetic waves. It creates a total “dead zone” for whatever is inside the bag. This ability serves the user by protecting their location, preventing their electronics from remote manipulation, as well as providing EMF and EMP protection.

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