Why does the military need Faraday cages?

Learn how electromagnetic warfare is a very real and decisive part of warfare today.

What do jammers, radar, direct energy weapons, and faraday cages all have in common? 


These tools (among many others) are all part of the electromagnetic battlefield. Electromagnetic warfare is a very real and very decisive part of warfare today. While the battlefield is still full of bullets, rockets, and missiles, militaries are also using electromagnetic waves as part of their attacks, defenses, and varying strategies. While many of the shiny offensive EM toys get a lot of attention, other items, such as Faraday cages, still play a very important role, especially on the defensive side.


There are a number of military situations that could require the use of a Faraday cage. While a basic Faraday cage would not offer much support, the technology in Faraday bags and enclosures like the ones from Faraday Defense offer a very high level of shielding and device silence. For instance, when people are operating they have devices that emit signals. Oftentimes, the operator wants to move and work in silence, and does not want that signal to emit until absolutely necessary. The right Faraday bag allows them to contain the emitting until the time is right, and it is necessary to begin emitting.


In other instances, specially built Faraday enclosures are used for private meeting rooms, or to hide the presence of equipment that gives off signals and emits frequencies that need to be kept from detection. In some cases the signals only need to be partially blocked, so material is placed on one side of something to only allow signals and frequencies to travel in one direction.


As you’ve probably noticed, Faraday technology is always focused on blocking signals, whether it be for location safety, device secrecy, blocking remote access, or cutting off signals for other reasons. At Faraday Defense, we recognize the importance that electromagnetic safety offers to the military, and we are honored to offer high quality products that serve our service members.

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