Faraday Defense
Government Sales
Faraday Defense is a SAM registered supplier.

Blocking Systems and Textiles

Our high-quality materials and finished goods are designed to meet your department’s needs, applications, and expectations.

Mil Spec and Gov Requirements

Faraday Defense systems are designed to meet your specifications and improve your capabilities. Our goal is to meet and exceed your requirements with premium isolation and wave-blocking.

Faraday Defense for Government

Certain information simply cannot be shared or leaked. Whether it's the location of soldiers on the battlefield, the protection of crucial evidence, or any type of document or location that cannot be disclosed, protection is vital. At Faraday Defense, we are proud to serve our government, law enforcement, and armed forces. Our goal is to give you the necessary physical protection in the world of electronic warfare. With a wide variety of bags & enclosures, we provide you with proper electronics protection in the field, on base, and back home.

We offer customizable applications, large quantity conductive fabric orders, solutions for protecting high-value and sensitive equipment and operations, and secure isolated bags and enclosures. If you are looking to prevent tracking, signal emission, or signal interference, Faraday Defense is there for you.

We are a SAM-registered Small Business with plenty of government experience. Whether you work under the Department of Defense, state/local government, or a different agency, we are able to help.

Faraday Defense offers forensic bags and fabrics that are TAA and Berry Compliant. If you are a government agency or buyer and are looking for customized offerings not listed, please contact us to see how we can meet your specific needs.

Departments Served

Faraday Defense offers protective solutions to our government entities and departments:
  • Military
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • State Law Enforcement
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Corrections Departments
  • Other Government Agencies
  • And More!