Electronic warfare is a large part of today’s military, and new technologies advance constantly. Military security is paramount, and Faraday Defense plays a large role in that. Our bags, enclosures, and fabrics all provide security for the US military across all of our branches. As a SAM certified small business, we are proud to support our government and military with Faraday solutions.

Signals we block: Radar, Cell Signal, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, RFID, EMP

Average Range: 85dB attenuation from 400 MHz-40GHz


Faraday bags provide critical defense for a number of military applications. Our bags prevent a large range of signals from interacting with devices placed inside. This can be used for anti-tracking and anti-hacking. Whether needed in the middle of an operation, on base, transport, or safe storage, Faraday bags provide a unique physical defense against a myriad of electronic and direct energy threats. Our options consist of many unique types such as original, waterproof, EMP storage, and even Berry compliant options.

Most Popular Bags for Military

Dry Backpack

Duffel Bag


Secure communications and device silence are crucial in many situations. Portable Faraday tents and permanent hardwall enclosures provide both of these for our military and are fully customizable for the perfect solution. Inquire for more information.


Whether an antenna needs to stop transmitting or leaking EMF in a certain direction, Faraday fabric provides the barrier. We have a large number of unique fabrics available which can be used for custom bags, cages, and other applications that require unique construction. View our fabrics here.

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If you have any further questions, or would like to inquire about making a purchase, you may contact us at sales@faradaydefense.com, or call at (800) 748-6052.