Information Facility


SCIF Chamber

A SCIF is a secure deployable chamber where information can be discussed and viewed without the intrusion of outside surveillance or spying, with the option of being either permanent or temporary. These facilities provide acoustic protection and RF shielding to enhance the security of the unit. Access control or a personal recognition system, as well as an intrusion detection system, are required. Our SCIFs meet all of the ASTM standards, and they are built according to an approved CSP (Construction Security Plan).


  • Walls consist of metal studs and gypsum board panels. The metal studs are standard 3-5/8-inch deep, 20-gauge, studs spaced 16-inches on-center, with bottom runner and slip-type header runner, and they comply with ASTM C 645 and have a G40 (Z120), hot-dip, galvanized zinc-coated finish.
  • Wall panels are two layers of ½-inch thick or 5/8-inch thick standard gypsum board secured on the outside of the metal studs and one layer of ½-inch or 5/8-inch thick standard gypsum board secured on the SCIF side of the metal studs. The panels comply with ASTM C 36C or 36M and ASTM C 1396C or 1396M, and include standard trim accessories, joint treatment materials and standard steel drill screws, complying with ASTM C 954.
  • Door frames are 2-inch wide metal frames, fully welded, and installed prior to stud installation.
  • Meets local fire code requirements for Class A materials.
  • Documents included: 1. DCID 1/21 Fixed Facility Checklist 2. Accreditation authorization documents, including physical, TEMPEST, and AIS 3. Inspection reports, including TSCM reports


  • RF power line filters
  • Internal electrical distribution
  • RF signal filters
  • Honeycomb waveguide air vents
  • Bulkhead connector panels
  • Waveguide pipe penetrations
  • Custom frequency ranges
  • Audio communication
  • Power
  • Custom interior finishing
  • Acoustics damping
  • LED ambient lighting
  • TEMPEST shielding
  • Air conditioning
  • Test benches
  • Turntable
  • Fire detection
  • RF vestibules


  • Access control or personal recognition system
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Construction Security Plan


  • Permanent or temporary designs
  • Provides acoustic protection
  • Performed by U.S. companies and persons

Alarm Light

Honeycomb Vent

Double-door Entry


Fire Suppression System

Honeycomb Vents

Alarm Light

Shielded Door

Cooling System

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