Faraday Defense
Market expansion through strategic partnerships.


As Faraday products gain in awareness and needs increase, so does distribution. We are always looking for strategic partners in reselling to place our products in front of industry buyers.


We welcome new opportunities to place product in the hands of consumers and buyers in retail settings. In-person experiences and demonstrations lead to more sales, and we are now offering our products with retail packaging to boost presentation even more.


We are open to distributors who are interested in carrying Faraday Defense products. We offer wholesale programs for distributors, direct pricing, and adherence to MAP pricing. This provides distributors the opportunity to build out their product line and services with access to the quality and range of protective gear that Faraday Defense has designed, manufactured, and procured.

Take advantage of wholesale pricing to offer your customers quality products at a competitive price! Contact us if you have questions about becoming a Faraday Defense distributor.