Our CORDURA® Berry Compliant bags are proudly made in the USA of 100% Domestically-sourced raw materials! Sold in multiple sizes, the Velcro-closure JACKET Faraday bags will fit mobile phones up to standard laptops, and the Wide-Mouth Duffels will fit most types of electronics and gear, with the largest bag having over 34L capacity. Proven performance in the world’s toughest environments, the outer layer of CORDURA® 1000 Denier (1000D) Coated Nylon Fabric is resistant to abrasion, has an excellent tear strength and is water repellent.  Shielding levels are also top of the line at >85 dB attenuation (10MHz-10GHz), blocking cell signal, GPS, RFID, and WiFi. This is achieved with triple inner layers of premium CYBER Berry-RS, metal-plated, nylon-based ripstop fabric. These bags are built for performance and endurance, with high-quality shielding material and extra-thick, double-stitched binding. They are a favorite among military and law enforcement for privacy and evidence security.

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CORDURA® Berry Compliant JACKET Faraday Cell Phone Bag


CORDURA® Berry Compliant JACKET Faraday Tablet Bag


CORDURA® Berry Compliant JACKET Faraday Large Tablet Bag


CORDURA® Berry Compliant JACKET Faraday Laptop Bag


Cordura Utility Bag Small


Cordura Utility Bag Medium


Cordura Utility Bag Large