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Government Sales

We provide full spectrum RF and EMP solutions worldwide.

Safeguarding sensitive information is paramount, especially when it involves crucial details such as the location of soldiers, protection of vital evidence, or any confidential documents or locations. At Faraday Defense, we take pride in serving our government, law enforcement, and armed forces. Our mission is to provide physical protection in the realm of electronic warfare.

With a diverse range of bags and enclosures, we deliver effective electronics protection in the field, on base, and at home. Our offerings include customizable applications, bulk orders of conductive fabric, solutions for safeguarding high-value and sensitive equipment, as well as secure isolated bags and enclosures. Whether you need to prevent tracking, signal emission, or signal interference, Faraday Defense has you covered.

As a SAM-registered Small Business with extensive government experience, we understand the unique needs of various agencies, including the Department of Defense, state/local government, and others. Our commitment extends to providing TAA and Berry Compliant forensic bags and fabrics. If you require customized solutions not listed, please reach out to us, and we’ll work to meet your specific requirements.

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DUNS: 116988134

Our Philosophy

We believe that with the ever-increasing amount of electromagnetic wave creation, we are responsible to manage its impact.

At Faraday Defense, our mission is full-scale wave management. We produce a wide range of products that offer radio frequency (RF) shielding, data security, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection. These products are specifically engineered to mitigate the impact of signal-producing devices on health and security. Our series of solutions include Faraday bags, Faraday tents, CYBER® Faraday fabrics, and EMC Chambers.

Our Solutions


The JACKET Faraday bags are versatile and effective bags, designed for performance. Available in multiple sizes, the JACKET bags have a durable exterior and effectively block signal with 3 layers of nickel-copper CYBER NC fabric.


Our Berry Compliant Utility bags are highly resilient. The outer layer of CORDURA® 1000D Fabric is resistant to abrasion, has an excellent tear strength, and is water repellent. Shielding levels are also top of the line at >85 dB.

DRY Series

Faraday Defense Dry Bags are built for performance, keeping your gear dry with a tarpaulin exterior and tight closure. They are extremely effective, providing EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location privacy.

TENT Series

Our Faraday Tents are built to secure an entire workspace, keeping your devices free from any outside attempts at manipulation or interference. Our fully-customizable tents have an average shielding effectiveness of >85 dB.


Our fully-customizable Forensic Hardwalls are a more versatile and economical solution than the standard SCIF, providing a convenient approach to workspace protection across law enforcement and military.


Our Chambers are designed with custom isolation technology and testing modifications. They are built with a modular construction system and equipped with EMC protection, with the option of TEMPEST shielding.

Our Capabilities



Our Faraday solutions are customized to your requirements. Give us your specs we will custom design our products to create the results you need. We can build a protection package to ensure that your home, vehicle, and devices are secure. Call us today to schedule a consult meeting.


Our team prides itself in industry knowledge to deliver the most effective results to the customer. Faraday Defense offers the latest Faraday technology with full spectrum EMF management for numerous industries. We are continuously looking for new ways maintain our leadership in Faraday solutions.


Our team’s enthusiasm for this industry drives high quality partnerships and performances. We are excited about what Faraday Defense has to offer, and we know that you will be pleased with our products and solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Core Competencies

Faraday Enclosures & SCIFs

Faraday Defense specializes in building enclosures that offer maximum RF security and EMP protection. We offer a wide range of different types of chambers, including hard and soft wall, modular or permanent, and standard or custom sizing, ensuring you a premium chamber built to your exact requirements. We also offer an extensive list of add-on options to meet your needs.

Faraday Bags & Pouches

We offer bags and pouches that entirely isolate devices. Location, signature, and chain of evidence integrity are completely protected in a wide range of bags with different features, all offering a high standard of device isolation. Each of our bags is designed to meet your specific needs, including EMP protection, RF shielding, Berry compliance, or water resistance.

Vehicle & Electrical System EMP Protection

We offer solutions for vehicles, buildings, and power systems that keep electrical systems intact and protect in the event of an EMP or solar event. Our knowledgeable team is continuously working with the latest technology to design new products for EMP protection. Our products are easy to use and install, but most importantly give you the peace of mind that your systems are secure.

Agencies We Serve

Faraday Defense is honored to provide protective solutions and product categories relevant to a wide range of agencies, including:


  • Department of Homeland Security (US Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection)
  • Department of Justice (FBI, DEA, US Attorneys)
  • Department of Defense
  • US Postal Service
  • US Military (All branches)
  • CIA
  • State Department


  • State Police Agencies
  • State Attorney General Offices


  • Local Police Departments
  • County Sheriffs
  • Local Prosecutors
  • School Districts

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