ASSET Protection.


Hardware can be the open backdoor into any corporation. Close and manage corporate and personal devices to mitigate threat potential through hardware isolation.


We help identify best practices so that bad actors cannot penetrate your intellectual property. We also help develop strategic reconstruction of data systems in the case of an attack.


Your team faces threats everyday and security must be maintained. We identify vulnerabilities and educate on how to mitigate potential threats through your company’s personnel.



The Asset Protection Exchange is a premier event tailored towards todays corporations focused on enterprise asset protection. APX+ is designed to influence company culture and best practices protecting valuable intellectual property from rogue actors internally and externally.

We direct events throughout North America, showcasing products and solutions while participating in conversation that builds a culture of asset protection. APX+ tackles issues that result inĀ  costly asset losses due to threats surrounding personnel, software and hardware.

Our presenting team brings 50+ years of industry expertise to equip your team with tomorrow’s knowledge. We create an environment that thrives on protection and prevents threats from gaining access to valuable information and property. APX+ is investing in proper procedures preventing costly loss in the future.