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Retake Your Privacy

Over the years, privacy levels have declined significantly. With the birth of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets, privacy is quickly moving towards being non-existent. Through technology, people can reach anyone at any time and place they wish. Companies are learning people’s habits and preferences, and in many cases are even able to literally listen to people’s private conversations. Even location is not secure anymore, made very trackable through these little devices.

One answer to this issue is to get rid of devices altogether. While that may work, most people’s lives are tied to these phones, laptops, etc.. Many people run their businesses through them, others use them to stay in contact with far-away loved ones, and many other aspects of life are made so much easier through them. If only there was a way to be able to hold on to these devices, yet cutting down on many of the invasive aspects of them.

That is where Faraday technology comes in. This type of technology is popular with Law Enforcement and the Military, and is becoming more popular with the civilian population. Faraday products use fabrics that are rolled and dipped in certain metals, creating barriers against the frequencies that devices rely on to send and receive information. Our bags are tested and proven to prevent signals like Wifi, Cell Signal (incl. 5G), Bluetooth, and 5G from accessing people’s personal items. They also provide protection from EMF radiation given off by phones and laptops. When a device is in a Faraday bag, it is powerless to do the invasive things that it would normally do outside of a Faraday bag.

There are many different shapes and sizes of Faraday bags, made so that each person can find a solution that works for them, and is easy to take with them wherever they go. The most popular kinds being backpacks and pouches. Being able to take your devices anywhere is wonderful, being able to do so without them spying on you is even better!