Faraday Defense Dry Bags stand out for their durability, water-resistant construction, and high-performance design. These bags are exceptionally effective, featuring three layers of CYBER NC (Nickel/Copper) lining the interior to ensure EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and enhanced location privacy. Furthermore, the bags have a tarpaulin exterior and a secure, tight closure, guaranteeing your gear stays dry even in challenging conditions. With their comfortable and functional designs, these bags are versatile and well-suited for a wide range of applications.

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Ultimate EMP Kit – Complete Auto and Home Protection

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Faraday Generator Dry Bag


Duffel Bag Forensic Faraday Kit


Faraday Dry Duffel Bag – Stealth Black 55L


Faraday Small Generator Dry Bag


Faraday Dry Bag Backpack + NX3 3pc Kit


Faraday Dry Bag Backpack – Stealth Black


Faraday Dry Bag Sling Pack – Stealth Black


JACKET Faraday Anti-Theft Key Fob Dry Bag